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Posted on March 2, 2017 at 3:40 AM
This was supposed to be a story about DeMarcus Cousins??? frustrations in Sacramento. About how the media???s portrayal of Cousins has been unfair, about how Boogie???s poor reputation was forever a reflection of the Kings??? failings as a franchise, and not an accurate depiction of the man. About how anonymous quotes slandering DMC aren???t that hard to trace back to old front office dudes out of touch with what???s happening on the court, lobbing criticisms while sipping Diet Cokes in the owner???s suite. About how fans are fed a steady dose of bullshit about Cousins??? attitude, without the full context of what???s been going on around him. The plan: Go to All-Star Weekend and let a jury of Cousins??? peers be the judge. After all, when it really comes down to it, whose opinion would you want? The men in suits who make bad draft picks and stupid trades? The cranky overworked beat reporters who cover them? Or the best players in the NBA? You know, the guys who have to deal with Boogie???s terrifying blend of overpowering physical skills and supposedly unpredictable behavior on the hardwood, face-to-face. Of course, that the weekend would end with Cousins staying in town was a twist. (We???ll get to that in a minute.) Not every All-Star has a tight relationship with DeMarcus Cousins, you might be thinking. And you???d be right. Utah???s Gordon Hayward really hadn???t spent any time with Cousins until All-Star, beyond facing the Kings over the years. ???I think we realize that in the heat of the moment, things happen that maybe you wouldn???t want to have happen if it wasn???t competitive like that,??? Hayward said of Cousins during his media session in NOLA. ???For us, as players, everybody???s been in those situations and he???s definitely an emotional, competitive guy.??? He???s just saying that, you???re thinking, so Boogie doesn???t strangle him next timeout. Fair enough. How about some more All-Star opinions? ???He???s a beast on the court,??? said Atlanta???s Paul Millsap. ???Definitely a beast. His competitiveness can be taken out of context, so I think that???s really what it is. He???s so competitive, he wants to win so bad, sometimes you can take it the wrong way.??? Read more at

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