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Community Involvement 

Richmond Virginia

The staff at Rich City League is committed to teaching and reinforcing qualities of good character to the youth of our program. 

An integral component of RCL is having our members learn from community leaders. Speakers come and speak to our participants about the qualities needed to be successful in the community.

Rich City League and events are designed to support communities around the Richmond area by inspiring play and teaching basketball’s values to the youth. 

Rich City League's Community Involvement strives to connect basketball players to the community through meaningful service and educational opportunities.

We believe Community Involvement strengthens a sense of responsible and productive citizenship, which creates a lifelong commitment to service and leadership.

About Us

Rich City League

Rich City Basketball League's philosophy is to provide as many athletes the opportunity and chance to develop their skills, learn life lessons and enjoy the game of basketball.  Opportunities are available for a recreational player looking to enhance their skills while playing for fun to an advanced player with a competitive desire and passion to become a complete player both physically and mentally.

General Admission


Group Rates 


Hoops Culture

Rich City League holds yearly tryouts for our basketball seasons. Each player that registers for our tryouts will be placed in a pool of players and drafted onto one of six teams within our organization. Each team is professionally organized and ran by Crossover Sports RVA staff. Each team will have their own social system that included them website, social media pages and interactive media content. 

Rich City League Events

Family Events

All Rich City League events are safe and family appropriate. Rich City League events are held on Sundays and showcases 4 games per event.
All players and coaches have the opportunity to earn commission based pay for all events. 
Each event will not only showcase the best hoops but will also showcase local talent and artists as we have a vast opening for half time performances, game break performances as well as media content opportunities. 

Coaches Information 


Coaches ejected from any game will be suspended from coaching at their next scheduled game. Coaches may appeal this penalty, but the game suspension MUST be served. A successful appeal may lessen the potential penalty associated with additional infractions. Coaches ejected twice during a season will be required to appear before the Crossover Sports RVA Board of Directors for possible disciplinary action (unless the initial penalty appeal is ruled in favor of the coach.) Discipline could range from a multiple game suspension, or removal from coaching. When serving a game suspension, the coach may watch the game from the general spectator area but may not be near the bench, coach area, or in direct contact with the players.

Players ejected from a game will be subject to similar penalties. Any player ejected from a game is automatically required to sit out the next scheduled game. The player must attend the game to serve the penalty. If the player does not attend the next applicable game, the suspension will continue until the player has attended, and sat out an entire game. To document the suspension has been serviced, the player’s coach must report to the referee prior the start of the game, the name and number of the suspended player. Upon completion of the game suspension, the referee will report to a Crossover Sports RVA Board Member, that the suspension was served. Players ejected a second time will be required to appear before the Crossover Sports RVA Board of Directors with their head coach. Subsequent discipline could range from multiple game suspensions to removal from participation in Crossover Sports RVA Basketball games for the remainder of the season. It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that suspension is served according to these rules.

Crossover Sports RVA may impose disciplinary action on coaches or players for improper behavior, disregard of game rules, or other conduct contrary to the intent and philosophies of Crossover Sports RVA. 

This may include improper actions and behaviors not specifically mentioned in this code.

I have carefully read this entire document and will abide by behavior principles described. I will also lead by example and ensure that my coaching staff, players, parents, and family members will do the same. I acknowledge that my failure to adhere to these principles and policies may result in disciplinary action, which could include the loss of my privileges to serve as a coach in Crossover Sports RVA

Player Information


Player Responsibilities

1. All players will treat officials and opponents with dignity and respect.

2. All players, regardless of ability and/or playing time are equal members of the team. Each and every player will treat all teammates with acceptance, respect, and friendship.

3. All players will provide maximum effort in practice and games.

4. Attendance at all practices, team meetings, and games is mandatory. While injured players may be unable to play, they are still expected to arrive on time, listen to coaches, and encourage teammates and assist the team.

5. In very rare situations, players may be excused from games and/or practices. When this occurs, players are responsible for informing the coach verbally through a phone call or meeting at the earliest possible time.

6. When players miss practices and/or games, playing time in future games may be affected.

7. Unexcused absences are absences in which the coach was not informed in the manner described above. And/or the reason was for the absence is not satisfactory. An unexcused absence from practice and/or game may result in a 1 game suspension or other consequences as deemed appropriate.

8. Players are to be on time for all practices and games. Tardiness may affect playing time in games.

9. Players are expected to directly seek understanding and resolution when questions or problems arise with coaches and teammates.

10. Players will conduct their personal lives in a manner that brings honor to themselves and the team. This in includes community performances, self-respect, healthy behaviors and social responsibility.


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414 N 25th Street Richmond, VA 23223