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Home workouts to improve your vertical

Posted by De'Vaughn Corbin on November 29, 2018 at 2:00 AM

Looking for ways to increase your vertical at home?

We're going to help you become the best dunker on your team...

No Specific Order

Jump Squats      
One of the best workouts that you are able to do even from your home are jump squats. 
Jump squats increase your muscle memory as you jump from a natural basketball bent position. 
This workout uses your own body weight as resistance which decreases the amount of strain during in game situations.
keeping your knees over your toes and your back straight. 
Once you are low to the ground, jump as high as possible. 
Repeat in sets of 10.

Toe Raises
Place both feet shoulder width apart. Raise up on your toes. 
Hold your position for 2 secs then lower your self to plant your feet. Repeat in sets of 10.

Hill Sprints     
Explosiveness is also shown in the way hill sprints can increase players' vertical (and horizontal) jumps — a key measure of power. 
Jumping is really the same as sprinting, pushing your body forward (or up) against gravity. 
The more power you can generate from your legs when pushing, the farther or higher you go.

Backboard Taps                      
Holding the ball with 2 hands, tap the backboard with the ball 5 times and finish with dunk/lay-up

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